Wednesday, January 18, 2006

prayers for 2006

  • good health

last quarter of 2005 had been awful!... Kyla's surgical operation, Mama's fluctuating blood pressure, VJ and Ate Tel's urinary tract infections, Kuya Gene's stones in gall bladder and my vertigo on attack... whew, the house was on FIRE!! Dear Lord, please deliver my family from any sickness this year.. but if it is your will that we have to suffer, please be with us that we may be victorious against these odds.

  • steady financial income

I am not asking for riches Lord, just enough to enjoy life. And grant me a sharing heart, teach me to become a cheerful giver! :-)

  • stronger CV Community

this is Your apostolate, make things happen as You plan!.. I am just Your humble servant...

  • boyfriend :-D

it has to be this year, or never na! hehehe demanding ba Lord? :-D .. You know my heart Lord, let me know Your will :-)

  • wisdom and honesty to our goverment officials

need to say more? hmmm this is quite tough Lord, but with Your blessings, You can definitely change our system!

  • more passion in knowing and serving YOU

as the song goes "...take me deeper, deeper in love with you.. Jesus, hold me close to Your embrace.. take me deeper, deeper than I've even been before.. i just wanna love You more and more.. how i long to be deeper in love..."

All these i ask in the sweet and mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


Anonymous evi said...

very sincere prayers, eden. i'm sure the Lord will grant your prayers coz you are one of his amazing servants.

1:22 PM  

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