Thursday, January 19, 2006

anong petsa na!!

i found a piece of paper, torn-out leaf of steno notebook to be exact, while tidying my wallet. barely recognizing the penmanship, i immediately read the hadwritten material and started laughing my heart out!! Girl, what were we thinking that time?? why we came to this idea??
..syempre nagreminisce ako to figure it out :-D

September 11, 2004: After your check up in Makati Medical City, we decided to treat ourselves with a sumptuous lunch in G3. Big Buddha was offering an "eat-all-you-can" promo so we gave in despite your doctor's advice of avoiding "flavored" food! hehe pasaway! Then we talked about your condition, wishing that you had a special someone at the moment to marry you.. then you gonna bear a child.. and you will live happily ever after.. we were dreaming! and laughing! and of course hoping! then while giggling and enjoying our food, a sweet couple passed our table, wow, so girl yung babae..very pretty, neatly dressed and accesorized! we were enchanted by her beauty, wished that we could be liked her!... then... ahhhh.... hmmmm... oh, i can no longer remember what's next and how/why we came up to this covenant! yeah, covenant as i call it 'coz it has our signatures!.. and yes, you also have a copy of this as i recall, just dunno if you still have it until today :-)

so what was on the covenant? here, be ready for a laugh! :-D
1. By December 18, 2004, we are going to introduce our boyfriends.
2. We will be in a lady-like attire on that day.
3. We are going to save PhP5,000 from our Christmas bonuses until January 8, 2005.
** Whoever fails #1 condition will shoulder all the expenses on January 8, 2005.
** Whoever fails #2 condition will give the other party a beauty product/accesories worth PhP1000.
** Whoever fails condition #3 will suffer a consequence!!!

we agreed not to discuss this covenant to anyone nor to ourseleves until January 8, 2005.

the truth is, neither of us took the covenant seriously! can't remember if we indeed met on Dec 18, 2004 but as far as i can remember, we cancelled the covenant while pampering ourselves in "The Spa" during one of those weekends of Dec 04.. for an obvious reason - neither of us are prepared to meet any condition hehe!

Girl, 2006 na! both of us are still unattached.. bugoy pa rin manamit.. and perhaps wala ring saving!! hehe.. but we're both HAPPY and that's good enough :-)


Anonymous lyn said...

girl .. oo nga anong petsa na? :-) grabe hahaha talagang you remembered exactly how we come up with that covenant. After reading it, hinanap ko din ang copy ko and i found it. I laughed out loud remembering we never made it. :-)

10:02 PM  
Anonymous evi said...

you can do it again this year and maybe make a more realistic covenant this time. hehe...

2:42 PM  
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