Thursday, October 27, 2005

funny scenes

me: uwi ka ng masbate?
ad: baka hindi.. bakit?
me: naghahanap ako ng kasama, uwi ako eh..
ad: bakit ka uuwi?
me: kelangan ko maghanap ng makakasama ni mama sa bahay
ad: ha? bakit mag-aasawa ka na??

me asking a tsonggo for a nice, cozy and affordable hotel in baguio.. twin-sharing, good for 2 pax.. he gave me some suggestions, i thanked him and searched the net for rates.. the day after, i burst into laughter when an instant message suddenly popped:
drew: tsong, sino ka-date mo sa baguio? honeymoon ba?
me: hahahaha.. speaking of honeymoon, tuloy na kayo?
drew: do go changing the topic? hehe.. nde nga? ikaw nga aakyat ng baguio? wento naman jan..
me: hahhahaha.. nde ako noh..

back from lunch, i changed my YM's status to "pasko na sinta ko", hmmm last song syndrome since i heard a man singing that song in the elevator.. few minutes after, instant messages flooded:
"oi sino yan?"
"may boyfriend ka na??"
"yihiiii mainit ang pasko nya"
nyek! isnt that ironic with the messsage of the song?

i know most of you guys are excited to see me inlove.. or to hear an announcement that i am with someone... but hey, arent these reactions too much?? :-P

"what gave you that idea?"
hehe feeling commercial model tuloy ako :-D


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Anonymous evi said...

hehehe... it seems everyone is waiting for that moment.

3:24 AM  

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