Thursday, October 27, 2005

funny scenes

me: uwi ka ng masbate?
ad: baka hindi.. bakit?
me: naghahanap ako ng kasama, uwi ako eh..
ad: bakit ka uuwi?
me: kelangan ko maghanap ng makakasama ni mama sa bahay
ad: ha? bakit mag-aasawa ka na??

me asking a tsonggo for a nice, cozy and affordable hotel in baguio.. twin-sharing, good for 2 pax.. he gave me some suggestions, i thanked him and searched the net for rates.. the day after, i burst into laughter when an instant message suddenly popped:
drew: tsong, sino ka-date mo sa baguio? honeymoon ba?
me: hahahaha.. speaking of honeymoon, tuloy na kayo?
drew: do go changing the topic? hehe.. nde nga? ikaw nga aakyat ng baguio? wento naman jan..
me: hahhahaha.. nde ako noh..

back from lunch, i changed my YM's status to "pasko na sinta ko", hmmm last song syndrome since i heard a man singing that song in the elevator.. few minutes after, instant messages flooded:
"oi sino yan?"
"may boyfriend ka na??"
"yihiiii mainit ang pasko nya"
nyek! isnt that ironic with the messsage of the song?

i know most of you guys are excited to see me inlove.. or to hear an announcement that i am with someone... but hey, arent these reactions too much?? :-P

"what gave you that idea?"
hehe feeling commercial model tuloy ako :-D

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

ang pangako...

when comforting words from friends are not enough..
when you can do nothing about a situation..
be quiet, be still and hold on..
because it is in calmness that you will hear HIS promises..

Huwag Kang Mangamba
-Bukas Palad-

Huwag kang mangamba, 'di ka nag-iisa
Sasamahan kita, saan man magpunta
Ika'y mahalaga sa 'King mga mata
Minamahal kita, minamahal kita

Tinawag kita sa 'yong pangalan
Ikaw ay Akin magpakailanman
Ako ang Panginoon mo at Diyos
Tapagligtas mo at Tagatubos (KORO)

Sa tubig kita'y sasagipin
Sa apoy ililigtas man din
Ako ang Panginoon mo at Diyos
Tapagligtas mo at Tagatubos (KORO)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Aug 27:Day4 - Feeling at Home!

We're backed in SG! Strange but we were relieved and felt safe. It's Saturday, time to mee my SG-based friends.. exciting!

1st was Dadi D, havent seen him for more than 2 years... hmmm still good looking :) .. We had our 1.5hour lunch, his treat.. yahooo! Laughters covered the place as we exchanged 1st-timer bloopers (ours, his and Momi B's). After that heavy lunch, he accompanied us to Burgis to scout for electronic gadgets. Hala, wala to sa plano.. gasgas credit card!! hehe
2nd was Renie, havent seen him for only 6 months but wohooo there's a big improvement in his built! where are those fats gone?? Ni-career ng lolo ang pag-workout :) .. With the two us our tour guides, we finally saw the Merlion Park which is just near the Esplanade. Why we havent saw that on our first day?? Syempre pa piktyur piktyur.
3rd was supposed to be Jay, havent seen him for almost 8 months. Checked my phone, but still no sign of him!! hmmmppp..

We then proceeded to Orchard Road for our last minute shopping. Without the two, we managed to hop around the malls and abled to find our way to Lucky Plaza. Craving for Phil delicacies?? This place would definitely cure the homesickness of our Kabayans! While in Lucky Plaza, Jay finally called explaining why he didnt show up. He didnt sound well, we couldnt go with us to safari as well.. too bad!

Another unique experience we had in SG was the Night Safari. There was thrill while we were riding the tram and hearing the stories of the animals that we passed by. Excitement grew more when we walked through the trails that are not passable by the trams.. a more close encounter with the animals! And then we were refreshed in our last tram ride with the cool evening air. Indeed, a very different night life!