Thursday, September 01, 2005

Aug 25:Day 2 - into the magical world

after exercising our bargaining prowess in singapore's version of chinatown, we proceeded to harbourfront center to get into the magical world of sentosa. upon the sight of the cable cars crossing in the air, excitement grew so we walked hurriedly to the ticket booth. we decided to go first to mount faber before going to sentosa. for more than 30minutes in the air, we couldnt help but to marvel the beauty of singapore... the lush forest of mt. faber, the good engineering of highways and buildings, the orderliness of the habour and the panoramic view of sentosa island.. amazing! (but still nothing beats the aerial view of El Nido, Palawan, hehe syempre love your own). enthusiasm grew bigger when we saw the tallest symbol of singapore.. the Merlion!

so how was our sentosa experience?

  • enjoyed the dragon trail/nature walk but wished to cut the trail shorter to save more energy for the rest of the day
  • loved the concept of underwater world and wished of becoming a mermaid to swim with those sea creatures
  • applauded the witty pink dolphins but wished to have a closer encounter, should have volunteered to get a kiss
  • learned the legend of singapore in merlion walk and positively thought that filipinos could make the place more adventurous and could present the legend more creative
  • unsatisfied with the butterfly kingdom! was expecting to see many butterflies flying and not being hanged in the walls
  • relaxed and amazed with the magical fountain show while eating the upsized burger king.. kudos to the artists of the show, great works on the laser
  • wished to enter cinemania and to ride sky tower but ran out of budget
  • wished to stay overnight but have to leave for kuala lumpur

the cold breeze, the luminated city, the neon eyes of merlion and the sight of dining lovers inside a cable car made a very romantic return trip to harbourfront center.


Anonymous evi said...

any link to the photos? hahaha... tuloy mo pa sis. sarap basahin. enjoy ako basta mga trips na ganyan kasi parang i'm watching discovery channel. hihi...

12:39 PM  
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