Thursday, August 04, 2005

at sa iyong paglisan...

it was last christmas when your mama brought you to our house
just a month old, you were so little and too fragile
i cant recall of carrying you in my arms
i didnt hear your cries, nor saw your smiles
worst, i cant even remember how you look like
you were sleeping most of time and i was told not to disturb you
so i left you with your mom
and got busy playing with your other cousins
it was the first and the last time that i saw you alive
i really cant believe that you are going away that young
only 8 months?? God, why this has to happen?
Please give me some answers and let me understand
i talked with your ate and she told me about your heart ailment
your mama kept this from us, i believe she has her reasons
i was furious, i was upset, i couldnt describe how i felt
but when i saw you lying in that wooden box, i sensed peace
truly God is amazing and His plan is always the best
'coz i know that you are now resting in eternal peace
...good bye lou raigne... we love you...


Blogger maganda said...

ang sad naman.. :( pero sabi nga, God's ways may not be our ways...

7:10 PM  
Anonymous evi said...

shock naman ako. sorry to hear this, eden.

12:43 AM  

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