Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Aug 24:Day 1 - meet our firsts

  • Tot's 1st airplane ride, Tot's and Bateng's 1st out-of-the-country trip, everyone's 1st visit to Singapore...
  • 1st love -PASIR RIS! uniform condominiums rising, unjammed streets, very clean surrounding, accessible... what more can you ask??.. childrens' laughter perhaps...
  • 1st eyeball with Oliver, our host, who was so accomodating! since he's still at work, he trusted us his keys and gave us permission to use the facilities inside his condo... 'baet'
  • satisfied with our 1st taste of local food bought in a 'turo-turo'.. by observing the customer ahead of us, we learned to just point on whichever viand we want and paid the food at a very reasonable price. later we learned that such resto is called hawker...
  • our 1st task was to secure train tickets to Kuala Lumpur.. thanks to momi bhing for lending me her map, whew it took us almost 30minutes in finding the railway station! that's twice the actual minutes walking from the nearest train station...
  • 1st realization - taxi is impractical! mrt and bus stations are strategically situated although walking is inevitable...
  • after having that long walk in Raffles place (with picture taking of course), we had our 1st frustation - we cannot locate the Merlion's place!! 'tulong! may pinoy ba dyan?' :-D
  • still walking, not being sure if we are on the right track to the Fountain of Wealth, we met our 1st angel - a sweet HRM trainee pinay who is also on her way to the fountain.. thank u Lord!.. we finally reached the fountain and enjoyed the cool ambience while watching the laser show which concluded our 1st day in singapore :)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

softie but also a toughie!

with the current economic situation, the number of Filipinos who are pursuing their dreams of working/going abroad is fast increasing. it is no surprise that many of my friends are advising me to try my luck in finding a job during my Singapore trip. Naahh, i really haven't thought of that. i admit though that sometimes, out of frustrations, working abroad becomes an option. but the thoughts of living alone, of being absent during family gatherings, of not having my close friends anytime i want to see them and of not seeing familiar faces and places when i feel unsafe demotivate me to push such option. my fellow OBiers could attest how iyakin i was during our business trips to Japan. Call me coward, i won't argue =P
i know a quite big number of friends who are currently out of the country for work (in fact, many of those reading this blog are abroad and i salute you guys for being brave in facing hard row challenges!). some are very fortunate to be there with their family/loved ones/relatives/friends, some have eventually gained friends and support group while others are still hoping to find trustworthy and sincere friends among the strangers.
Lhen is one of the OFWs i'm missing so much. i have been thinking of her for the past weeks, hoping that she'll get in touch. yeah, she got my message and paid me a phone call (mental telepathy does work huh!). as soon as I recognized her voice, I sang her a birthday song and waaahhh she began sobbing!... her voice was breaking, i could hear her sniffs.. oh noh, what have i done?.. tears of joy? .. hmmm, my instinct is telling me more.. how i wish i could hug her, hold her, comfort her and assure her that everything is gonna be alright.. if only.
back in high school, i know Lhen as a very sweet, timid and sensitive girl. people tend to abuse her kindness and generosity and she would just cry if being hurt. that's why i panicked when i heard blubberings on the other end of the line. but as i listened to her stories, i am so relieved to know that she is now assertive. living away from her family during college perhaps made her tough. yes, she still cries but that's just normal =)
am proud of you Lhen!.. just keep going and take care of yourself.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! GODSPEED!... and see you... soon!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

at sa iyong paglisan...

it was last christmas when your mama brought you to our house
just a month old, you were so little and too fragile
i cant recall of carrying you in my arms
i didnt hear your cries, nor saw your smiles
worst, i cant even remember how you look like
you were sleeping most of time and i was told not to disturb you
so i left you with your mom
and got busy playing with your other cousins
it was the first and the last time that i saw you alive
i really cant believe that you are going away that young
only 8 months?? God, why this has to happen?
Please give me some answers and let me understand
i talked with your ate and she told me about your heart ailment
your mama kept this from us, i believe she has her reasons
i was furious, i was upset, i couldnt describe how i felt
but when i saw you lying in that wooden box, i sensed peace
truly God is amazing and His plan is always the best
'coz i know that you are now resting in eternal peace
...good bye lou raigne... we love you...