Tuesday, May 24, 2005

shower party

our get together last friday night made me realize how much i miss being with them! For a long time, i was with my CV ates (yes, im the youngest among them) again. We met to give ate daiz a shower party and like those girl talks we had way back then,when all of us were still single, the night turned out to be very informative and enlightening. The combination was perfect!... 4 are married (3 of which are already mothers while 1 is a year-old wife), 4 are still single (2 of which are currently linked while the other 2 are unattached) and of course, the bride. With the different experiences of the married ates, the conversation had been very beneficial not only to the bride but to the singles as well...oh even the married ones learned from each other =)
So ladies, this might help! =D
  • for those who are still looking: Pray specifically the qualities of the man that you want to marry! All married ates and even the bride attested that their husbands have the qualities of the man they have prayed for.
  • for those who are currently attached: Pray for revelation! Know your partner well before exchanging vows, know the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship and work on how to bring out the best in your partner.
  • for the married: If your husband is in the mood for sex and you are not, Pray for passion! If you are in a heated argument and cannot control your anger, pause and Pray! If your plans fail, encourage each other and Pray!

Bottom line, nothing can put down a prayerful woman =)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

OnE wORd

got this text from Loren, a high school friend:
Describe me in ONE WORD, just one! Send it to me then send this msg to ur other friends & see how many wonderful/strange things people think about u! Txtback, it's fun!
i sent her "thoughtful" and forwarded the message to some of my friends whom i'm not seeing lately. here are their descriptions:
  • Shawie, daughter of a 1st cousin -> sweet
  • Fats, ftsp friend -> sweet
  • Richie, grade school friend -> sexy
  • Jericho, ftsp friend -> gracious
  • Sheryl, high school friend -> god-fearing
  • Ruby, adtx friend -> sweet
  • Malou, college friend -> beautiful
  • Agape, ftsp friend-> sweet

want to describe me too? feel free to post a comment.. remember the rule : just ONE WORD! =)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

wandering around ilocos

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

embracing praise

at the womb of my mom, You placed me carefully
for nine months You designed me perfectly
that i may able to taste, feel, smell, hear and see
Your creation and my family, awaited me excitedly

then I was born, You continued to nourish me
You watched me grow, waiting for the day that i may recognize Thee
You kept on calling me, You never get tired of loving me
with trials and triumphs, You're always bringing out the best in me

at last You succeeded, You finally caught my attention!
i was strucked by Your love, by Your sacrifice for my salvation
You conquered my old self and gave me a new life
You increased my faith, with Your grace i saw light

and now i'm embracing the passion of becoming a person of praise
because in praising You i find joy, contentment and genuine peace
in loving You i am healed, in serving You im am blessed

i love You with all i am
i praise You with all my heart
my soul longs to see You
in heaven forever i will praise You!