Thursday, March 31, 2005

life's purpose

"We are placed here on earth not to be remembered but to prepare for eternity" -PDL

When my father died almost 3 yrs ago, i heard a lot of his good deeds and stories on how he is remembered by people he shared his life with. From then, I started picturing my own death and imagining how people will testify my existence. I have focused on finding my mission here on earth, determined to leave a legacy that i may somehow be remembered.
Until i got this text from bro. Ryan... thanks bro for reminding me the very purpose of life!
Come to think of it, if our focus is mainly on achieving eternal life and not on earthly fame, we will continually seek and do God's will, which of course means, bringing goodness and sharing His love and blessings to mankind. Is there a promise of being remembered? Maybe... but will it still matter if we are already enjoying life in Heaven? What is more precious than having eternal life?

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

happy easter!

The loveliest day comes when you wake up one morning and discover the romantic truth that GOD still colors your world =)


Just came from a 6-day vacation... no, make that 5-day because my vertigo finally crippled me yesterday. Its attack had been a threat since thursday but i managed to ignore it and able to do couple of things:
1. of course cleaning the house was an obligation =)
2. played with my nephews and nieces, chatted with my siblings and siblings-in-law (is there such term?).. except for Kuya Emer and Ate Evy, the rest of my married siblings visited us.
3. heard masses, visited adoration chapel, reflected the gift of salvation
4. finally finished reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, and hurray! also done with Nicholas Sparks' The Rescue (syempre pa iniyakan ko ang The Rescue)
5. watched dvs (hehe mga luma: i Robot, the Village, lost in translation, arthur), and tv shows (amazing race, american idol, art attack, cartoons and some local shows too)
6. exercised! but due to this vertigo, my movements were very limited... huhuhu my pants are shrinking?!? sikip na sila eh!! =P
7. arranged photos but not yet done.. with kids around, hay naku!
8. had my hair cut... hmmm trim lang naman, almost negligible.
9. bought graduation gift for Jen
10. and yes! i started recording my 'more' private thoughts.. thanks jo for the notebook =)

now, for the things i planned to do but not able to do so:
1. visit Hospitaller
2. scout for a sala set
3. write articles for past CV activities (lagot ako ke Renie, assignment to!)
4. try to write lyrics for 'Embracing Praise', our theme for Gospel Concert... syempre nde ko linya to pero wishing na makapagcontribute kahit 1 line lang =)

Monday, March 21, 2005

17 words

almost 2 years ago, i received a mail asking about my thoughts on these 17 words (capitalized)... inspired, i grab my pen and composed a poem =) ..
might be a piece for thought this Holy week, read on...

If the angel of death arrives tonight, are you PREPAREd?
What if at the gate of heaven, St. Peter ask if you have CAREd?
Or have you BELIEVEd that Jesus died and sacrificed himself?
Have you valued the gift of salvation and FORGAVE those who err?

My friend, if most of your answers are no, then it’s about time for a CHANGE
Why RISK your life in hell when God promised an abundant life to share?
Why not CHOOSE the right path and let God lead the way?
So that at the end of your journey, you can RELAX in His kingdom with Jesus and Mary

Stop, Look and LISTEN, the enemy is just around
Always PRAY for His guidance and keep your feet on the ground
PERSIST in fighting temptations, introduce Jesus to a crowd
Don’t forget to SMILE ‘coz it brings hope to those who are experiencing dark clouds

FOCUS on your role, think twice before ACTing
God never fails those are TRUSTing
ACCEPT Jesus in your heart and keep on believing
That there in heaven, our God is just WAITing

-- eden r. oliva 09232003 --

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

for the past 3 months...

...sleeps at my side...
...listening and sharing our thoughts until we drop...
...in her babyPaj, we sing a lot...
...and laugh at jokes that suddenly pop..
...there are times we are not talking...
...but we know what are minds are thinking..
...oh yes! we're watching our diet...
...but with yummy food, we tend to forget it!...
...i once wished to have a younger sister...
...and her short presence has been the answer...
>>> H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y J O!! <<<
i love you

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

what is this i'm feeling....?

... my heart is beating fast...
... i barely slept but my veins are alive..
... a lot of work need to be done yet my mind is wandering...

OPPPSSSS!!!! i know most of you guys are waiting for an "announcement".. but nope, i'm not in love!! =P .. These are mere effects of that chocolate marshmallow mocha. While self-confessed coffee addict Martha told that caffeine is not affecting her sleep, a small dosage of it would surely keep me awake for long hours! Add to that, is the discomfort i'm feeling after having a troubled sleep. Okay, let me say it... i HATE coffee!! But salute to the artist of that chocolate marshmallow mocha ads of starbucks, he tempted me to have one! Which of course i'm regretting 'coz right now, i can't FOCUS! [ggggrrrrrrr] Can somebody please shake me up!?! Or any tips on how to get rid of this awful feeling??? Martha, you're suggesting another cup of coffee? Yeah right... thanks but no thanks! =P