Monday, January 31, 2005

conversation with a child =D

Kuya Ely(KE) - 36yrs old, father of three
John(JN) - 3 going 4yrs old, prep
While on their way to pay visit to the deceased folks in Asingan, Pangasinan Cemetery
JN: Daddy, ano po ito? (asking about the place)
KE: Sementeryo ito anak.
JN: Sementeryo? Ano po yun? Bakit tayo nandito?
KE: Dadalawin natin ang mga lolo't lola.
JN: Dito sila nakatira?
KE: Hindi, nasa heaven na sila pero dito nakalibing yung katawan nila.
JN: Nakalibing? Bakit po nakalibing?
KE: Kasi patay na sila anak.
JN: Patay na? Sino po pumatay sa kanila? Binaril sila? (too much television?)
KE: Hindi po. Namatay sila kasi matanda na sila.
JN: E ako daddy? Bata pa?
KE: Opo.
JN: E ikaw po?
KE: Bata pa din ako anak.
JN: Hindi, matanda ka na daddy eh! (hahaha)
JN: Pero hindi ka pa naman mamamatay daddy d ba? [hugging his daddy tight](aaaaaayyyyy.. sweet)
KE: Hindi pa anak malakas pa si daddy. Pero wag matigas ang ulo para hindi magkasakit si daddy ha.
JN: Opo =)

No wonder why the Lord is telling us to have a heart of a child!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Our group is definitely a HeadTurner! Unfortunately, it's not because we possess body beautiful nor pretty face but it's because of the noise we're creating whenever we're together.. giggling girls speaking in their native tounges with high-pitched tones, who could not notice that? =D

This is my high school barkada.. from left: Marj, Maricon, Sheila and Joyce. Marj owns the baby! hehe small but terrible! She's the first to get marry and now has her little angel, MJ.
We visited her last Thursday and as expected, their house was filled with hoo-ha as we listen to her "labor" story. Having a pedia (Sheila), a lawyer(Joyce), a well-read person(Maricon) and a silly girl(that's me!) in the house made the story very exciting and informative. "hush".. "shhhhhhh"... "prtttt".. MJ was having a hard time to sleep! but she stayed calm and quiet.. enjoying the girl talk huh! hehe..
'Til our next session gals.. Shawie come home! You're missing a lot!!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

CV - my community

It was in 1993 when I first met the Christus Vincit Community through my college professor whom we call Kuya Johnny. But it was in 1997 that I became actively involved when George invited me to join the group. Hmmm.. do I need to explain why? :-P
Attending the community's prayer meetings, apostolates, retreats, LSS, camps and other activities became part of our journey in getting to know each other, in taking our friendship into a higher level, and of course, in building our personal relationships with God. Everything was almost perfect! But naah, a big test came... George and I had to part our ways. To avoid seeing him, to avoid questions from our brothers and sisters in the community and to put back the broken pieces of me, I abstained from attending CV. But sure enough, I was missing it! How can I be whole without picking up that precious piece? Thank God for the courage!...With His grace, I was able to accept things and face the community...With His love and the support of the group, the hurt of seeing George with her new gf gradually faded...With His mercy, I was able to forgive myself and start a new life. Christ Conquered! Know what, that's the literal translation of Christus Vincit =)
Aside from helping me to know God more, CV had played a role in my personality enhancement. It had given me the opportunity to serve God and to give joy to the less fortunates. It made me realized that I need not to be of power nor to be an expert to be able to help. CV taught me that simple gestures like smiling, or patting one's back for a good job, or giving a hug to someone in despair, or touching the one your talking to, could make a difference as long as one's intention is pure.
Thank you Lord for this community =)

Monday, January 17, 2005

shoot that ball!

Alaska player wanna be?!? Hahaha!
Taken last saturday at X-Site Amusement Center, Festival Mall. Wow, I never played basketball that long! Didn't count the number of times I played but I guess it was more than 15 games. Whew! I made my highest point.. 92! Oh that was an achievement for an amateur hehe...
I was with the newly elected CV servants. We were chosen to lead the community for year 2005. The seven of us did not know each other well yet, so we had our "bonding" day. We had fun.. yep, we were able to get along =)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

wala pa ring tatalo sa ALASKA!! =P

It may not be the best team in our PBA today..
It may not have the best players and coach in hardcourts...
...but still, my loyalty to ALASKA ACES remains! =D

It has been a long time since I last watched PBA in television.. oh boy, it was much longer in real court =(. And yesterday's action (Alaska vs FedEx) did not fail to bring back my passion in patronizing PBA. I've seen a lot of new faces, new moves and strategies, and a new team formation for Alaska. (Addendum: word "new" used by someone whose been out of PBA circle for at least a year! hehe). Of course, my team won! Though honestly, Ritualo's lucky hands scared me. Thanks to the good defense of Mike, he was able to stop the big man. My kisses to him! =*
Yesterday's game reminded me of the first time I watched PBA Live. I was with the Milkmen cheering squad!! No, I was not one of those pretty dancers =P but since Ate Evy is working in GMC(sis company of Alaska), we were given the privilege to be with the team's court. I was in my elementary years then.. and from then, I became Alaska's big fan =). During teenage, while my classmates were crazy over those teams having "heartthrob" players, I sticked with the ACES.. Aba, gwapo din naman si Tim Cone ah! hehe..
So why Alaska? WHY NOT! Here, let me brag some of their achievements...

- Grand Slam winner in 1996
- Winning-best team in the 1990s with 9 championships
- 16 finals appearances in 34 conferences
- Record-holder of most number of out-of-town games won

1st Place: 11
2nd Place: 11
3rd Place: 11

Want to know more? Visit their site @ http://www.alaskaaces.com.ph/history.php

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

happy new year!!!

hello everyone! am back!
2005 is here, let's start the year right =)

Be not anxious about tomorrow. Do today's duty, fight today's battle, and do not weaken and distrust yourself by looking forward to things which you cannot see and could not understand if you saw them. -- Charles Kingsley