Wednesday, December 22, 2004

my birthday gift

Like many other years, Your blessings this year showered
... when I asked for a new job, You provided
... when I cried for financial help, You supplied

... when I prayed for healing, You answered
... when I besseched company, You sent best friends

... with Your powerful words, You enlightened me when I was confused
... with Your gentle voice, You instructed me when I was baffled
... with Your joyful songs, You lifted my spirits when I was depressed
... with Your loving arms, You embraced me when I was broken hearted

Thank You Lord for the absolute love
Sorry Lord for the frailties that I have
I am weak to temptations, I constantly need Your guidance
Please bear with me, purify me and reign my life

You already have everything but still deserves all the glory
I hope I could live up to these offerings I have for Your birthday
... a forgiving heart to those who err
... a friendly smile to a stranger
... helping hands that are always ready to be extended
... be an inspiration to those whose lives are in vain
... to CV community, my service and dedication
... to You, more quiet times for contemplation

May others may see You through me
and experience the same joy You're giving me
May all of us love and thank Thee
and praise Your divine sublimity!


Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas Gift

Last saturday, I proudly told Jo that I am already done with my christmas shopping. But yesterday's sermon proved me wrong. I was taken aback when the priest asked "Have you already prepared your gift to the one who ought to receive a birthday present?". Uh-oh... the truth is, Jesus is not on my list! It was indeed nice to be reminded of the main reason why we are celebrating Christmas =)
So what can I give Him this Christmas? Hhmmmmm ninuninuninu...

Thursday, December 16, 2004

how far can you go to win a race?

I have to admit, hearing partners exchanging harsh words is part of the excitement in the Amazing Race reality tv show. But seeing a man shoving his wife that almost knocked her down was not cool! Shame on Jonathan who was very frustrated just because they did not came first to the pit stop to win a cruise! They came second, they are still on the race, yet he acted like that!?! Was the cruise worth humiliating and abhorring his wife? In the first place, Victoria came late because she picked up Jonathan's abandoned bag for the fear that somebody might steal it. That of course gave her a hard time to run. Too tired, she was crying and catching her breath when she reached the pit stop. But instead of being comforted by her hubby, the angry Jonathan screamed at her, pushed her hard and when they checked in, he didn't stop on berating her that even the host, Phil Keoghan, looked visibly agitated. Victoria walked away still sobbing, Phil advised Jonathan to talk to her and Jonathan complied. But his idea of "talking" to her was definitely not what Phil had in mind. Grrrr asshole talaga!!!
That was just for a cruise.. I wonder what will cause Victoria if they'll be eliminated or be in the finals but miss the 1million dollar price.

Friday, December 10, 2004

criteria for Mr. Right?

Last tuesday night, I bumped into a high school classmate and found out that our offices are located in the same building. To catch up on what's been goin on, we went for a lunch yesterday.
He is now happily married with two kids... I am still single and uncommitted. That didn't surprise him though =D. He had known me kasi as conservative and choosy during our high school days. He then advised me not to set too high standards for Mr. Right, or else I will end up with no one! [Hahaha] I laughed but I agreed. Then he asked what qualities daw ba am I looking? Hmmm, same question asked during our "diretsahan" in Sagada but still I was grasping for words to describe what I am really hoping for.

Ano nga ba talaga ang hinahanap ko?
.... someone who loves and fears GOD
.... someone i could talk to about anything under the sun
.... someone who could bring out the best in me and I in him
.... someone who could manage to put a smile back on my face during odd times
.... someone who is trustworthy and dependable
Simple lang naman d ba? =P

He continued to ask, "And if one of those is missing, the guy fails?". [good question huh!]
And I answered, "My mind and heart should agree to love the man, that's my rule of thumb =)". [nice answer daw!]

He paid our lunch [yipppeee] and offered another free service: he will help me daw look for that someone!.. Wow, bless him! =)

Monday, December 06, 2004

can't believe i've been through all that

Hurrayy, I got my first check in my wish list(take a peek at the side bar of this page)!!
And finally, after more than a week, I can now write an account of our Sagada trip =D
Nov 26, 2004 @10pm
Aboard on a MB100 campervan, we left Alabang and excitedly discussed our trip... the itinerary, the budget, the dos and don'ts, the climate, and the must see places and its reviews from net. (Honestly, those reviews were giving me reasons to back out days before the trip.. but hey thanks to those who encouraged me!).
It was a very very long trip and I was so lucky to occupy the most convenient seat in the van =). While Allan was having a hard time positioning his long legs, I could freely stretch mine =P. Opps, don't curse me... I allowed him to take my seat at the latter part of the trip hehe..
Nov 27, 2004
We were still on the road, at the top of the hill, when we said hello to the sun. It was amazing! Feeling the cold breeze and the clouds, being so high.. feeling so near to God!
It was almost lunchtime when we finally arrived at Sagada. Tired and sleepy but cannot afford to waste time, we immediately proceed to explore Sumaging Cave after having our lunch. Kakaibang level.. it was a test of balance and courage. We have to walk on slippery rocks, pass through narrow openings, glide and rapel using ropes, dipping into a very cold running water.. whew that was really tough! But it's worth it... we've seen different rock formations, beautiful stalagmites and stalactites and even fossils inside the cave.
Then, on our way back to the inn, we visited a burial cave (not sure of it's name) where old coffins could be seen at its entrance. No excitement there, but it was nice to be informed of the natives' burial traditions and customs.
Nov 28, 2004
Our next destination, the Bomod-Ok (Big) Falls, was another test of physical strength and endurance. Imagine taking hundreds of steps down to the falls, passing through the rice terraces! It tooked us 2 hours! Oh well, that included stop overs for picture taking and rest =) . And when we reached the falls.. wow, what a creation!! The ambiance was very relaxing and refreshing. The water was freezing but that didn't stop us from swimming. I'm not a swimmer, so at first, I was contended with the smaller falls. But seeing others getting near the big falls, I convinced Eric to accompany me to get there and I'm glad he did =D. It was an indeed an achievement! But hey, the challenge did not end there. Going up, heading home, was more difficult! I remembered Allan chanting "I'm tired but I will run!".. encouraging himself to go on by cheering "Go Allan, Go Allan!" Hehe kakapagod talaga!
Nov 29, 2004
It was raining! We were supposed to visit St Mary's Episcopal Church and Echo Valley but to due bad weather, our drivers insisted that we leave Sagada early =(. Our shopping time was also cut! But true enough, it would not be safe if we will not leave Sagada in the morning so the drivers won. They allowed us to stop in Banaue anyway =). Seeing one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Banaue Rice Terraces, was another awesome experience. Filipinos' staircase to heaven!
After all the excitements, now here's the "kilig" part! I never thought that our trip back to Manila would be that eventful! We had our "diretsahan" game and everybody was sport enough to answer blunt questions. Of course, I will not divulge any of those answers =P. Not all travellers are my close friends, and the game somehow gave us the chance to know each other more personal especially about one's lovelife ;-)

The travellers
1. the newly found buddies (Einstein and Adon)
2. the budding lovers (Tin and Drew)
3. the honeymooners (Art and Perls)
4. the beautiful me (walang kokontra!)
5. the rockers (Allan and Rose)
6. the bodyguard (Eric) hehe

Special thanks to: (1) Maricel, our caretaker (2) Gilbert and Alfred, our tour guides (3) Gerry and JonJon, our drivers and (4) the good Lord, for keeping us safe and sound