Friday, October 29, 2004

spinsterhood <-- a choice or a destiny

"Good Morning! Wala pa rin bang boyfriend?" greeted Aling Baba as I smiled at her this morning. My smile just grew bigger and she started cursing men for not seeing me daw. This time, my smiles turned into laughter!! Good thing, the tricycle arrived and gave me an excuse to bid her goodbye. Whew.. saved by the bell! 'coz I'm quite positive that the next part of her speech would be "o baka naman ikaw 'tong masyadong pihikan, naku tatandang dalaga ka nyan!"

I took this pic when I got home last Monday thinking Lola Eling to be the next person to be featured here. Since then, I've been trying to figure out my introduction and **bling** this morning's scenario was perfect!
Yes folks, Lola Eling was a spinster! She's my mom's Aunt who dedicated her life in raising our family. While other children were left to their yayas when their parents are at work, we were very lucky to have her as our second mom. Old maids are known to be strict, too conservative and unaffectionate but Lola Eling was an exemption. She was jolly, caring and the most patient person I've ever known. She was our comforter, our nurse and our dressmaker too!
Lola Eling made a lot of sacrifices when she opted to stay with our family in Masbate. She could have enjoyed her life with her friends and relatives in Pangasinan instead of living in a stranger land. She could have stayed with my other aunts in Canada. Or better yet, she could have married and spent the rest of her life with her man.... But she was with us until her last breath and I knew that she was happy and fulfilled. It was maybe her choice, but for me, it was a part of God's plan for our family. And we are forever grateful for that! :-)

Monday, October 25, 2004

he's now safely HOME

Death scenes in movies/tv shows would surely make me cry :-( They remind me of the day when my father died. Believe me, witnessing the death of a loved one is the most heartbreaking experience one can ever have. The scenes kept on repeating on my mind until the day I heard my father's voice saying "Sabiha kan Mama mo nasa langit na ako" (Tell your Mama, I'm already in heaven)... very comforting words from a loving father, telling us to let go of the pain and be happy 'coz he's now home with the Creator!
"Papa", as I call him, was a well-rounded home-buddy. Ask my brothers and they would described him as a gifted carpenter.. ask my sisters, as a green thumb gardener.. ask my mother, as a livestock raiser.. ask his nephews and nieces, as a jolly clown/storyteller.. ask our neighbors, as a "MacGyver" who could provide solutions to complicated problems out of ordinary things.
Teaching grade school was his profession. When assigned in one of the barrios of our hometown, he gladly shared his room to accommodate students coming from other adjacent barrios. That inspired the Barangay Captain to donate his land and urged the government to build in it an Elementary School where my father spent most of his teaching days. His forte? --MATHEMATICS! He got a lot of shortcuts and techniques in doing math :-)
He may be far and away by now but I know that one sweet day, we will be together again and be back to the days when he would take me to the beach with his big bike to do our breathing exercise while the sun is coming out. Then he would cook tinolang manok and save the "dugo and atay" for me. He would tell me once more his teenage experiences while I'm removing his white hair during siesta hours. Then we would dance cha-cha around the house while Mama is cooking our dinner, he would show me again his funny tricks and magic after having our dinner and at the end of the day, he would massage my tired feet and put me to sleep :-)
See you again Papa!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I, mE and mYseLf

eDen, the Gemini, originally uploaded by _mecars_.

I don't really believe in Astrology, but being born on May 29, the dual-natured sign of Gemini best describes my personality. I can be very cheerful and lively when in a good mood; I can be boring and dull when in a bad one. Better leave me alone first when I'm quiet, my tantrums won't take long anyway :-D. Well that's no wonder 'coz gemini is also known to be quick in changing minds right? Yeah I admit, I'm finding it hard to stick to a decision but hey! I can easily adapt to changes :-)
To better understand me, I think you should also note that I'm the youngest in the brood of nine.. quite a big family huh! Attention seeker, bossy, spoiled, name it! (oist no naman.. exaj un!). I maybe a brat sometimes but lambing ko lang un noh :-P.. Bunsos are naturally sweet and charming :-)
When it comes to love... hmmm... they say that I'm choosy but I tend to disagree. I can easily trust and love someone but mind you, that love and trust can also be easily gone if not nurtured or if betrayed! I hate complications.. I would rather sacrifice my feelings than seeing someone else in despair or than being in a doubtful relationship.
I treasure my friends a lot! I really believe that they are GOD sent and that they should not be taken for granted. Friendship with opposite sex is no big thing to me. I enjoy their company in as much as I enjoy my girl friends' presence. Dual-personality remember? ;-)